Veterinary Microbiology Laboratory

Research Interests

Research Interests

1. Understanding the host defense mechanism against virus or bacteria infection

To identify the role of host molecules in the innate immune response to pathogenic microbes (Bacteria & Virus), we are trying to determine the molecular mechanisms and functions of host molecules for the regulation of IFN signaling or inflammasome pathway during viral infection, or regulation of inflammation or inflammasome during bacterial infection with KO mice.

2. Understanding the immune evasion mechanism of virus or bacteria

To avoid the host’s innate or adaptive immune responses, Picornaviruses (Foot and Mouth Disease virus, FMDV), Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) and Asfarviruses (African swine fever virus, ASFV) etc. have developed sophisticated mechanisms to specifically target and regulate various aspects of the host immune system. Understanding these virus-mediated immune evasion tactics is a major goal of our study, and we intend to prepare vaccine candidates based on this understanding.

3. Development of therapeutic or prophylactic drug candidates against viral diseases

To the development of therapeutic or prophylactic drug candidates against viral diseases, we are screening herbs (compounds) and chemicals that can inhibit viral replication and confirming their efficacy in vivo.

4. Development of immunostimulator and vaccines

To the development of immunostimulator for vaccine adjuvant, we are screening herbs (compounds), bacteria-derived antigens and chemicals that can induce innate immune response and confirming their efficacy in vivo.

To the development of FMDV or ASFV vaccine, we are studying recombinant antigens, viral vector vaccine and attenuated vaccine strains.